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March 11, 2016

Importance of IIT JEE Study Material

JEE-Main & Advancedarethe biggest exam all across the nation. Every year, around millions of students aspire to be an IITian. The number of candidates appearing for JEE is increasing every year that signifies that the competition is getting tougher day by day. For all these reasons, it is important for students to know what to do and what not to do while you prepare for IIT JEE 2016. If you wish to secure a good rank in the JEE exam, you have to get some help from the IIT JEE study material, and from previous years’ papers.These sample papers& question papers will also have some shortcuts & tricks that you can use while appearing in the actual JEE Main.

Also, you have to clear all your confusion in regards to entry to IITs that is a two-step process, with the first level from the JEE Main, and the second level include JEE Advanced. Scores in both the exams is considered for admission in IITs, NITs, and other colleges.
Importance of IIT JEE Study Material


Here are a few points to help students preparing for IIT JEE 2016

  • JEE Main& Advanced arethose exams that test a student knowledge& concepts in depth. The level of questions in the JEE papers are a bit tough, but if you prepare in a right way by using IIT JEE study material and sample papers, then you can easily clear this tough examination.
  • The best thing is that IIT JEE course is as similar to your CBSE syllabus in 12th class, but you must have a deeper knowledge of the concepts when preparing for JEE.
  • It is not just enough to solve a bunch of questions, but you have to solve questions that involve some questions of a higher level.
  • When you study from previous year question papers, and study material you’ll get a better idea about the pattern of questions & difficulty level
  • In addition to, don’t forget to revise all topics taught to you in the class and solve all the relevant questions for the topic.Have some reference books, study material, and properly follow a study plan.


In the End

These are some main points that can help you while studying for the toughest Joint Entrance Examination 2016. If you’re weak in any topic, try to practice it again & again in order to cover that topic.Be focused on your goal and give much more time to studies. Don’t’ just rely on a book, work on the entire topics, and solve as many questions until you are confident about the topic.
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