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June 19, 2016

3 Uncommon positive impacts of online learning at work

online learning at work

In the 21st century, the internet has entered every house and created ample opportunities for people around the world to gain knowledge and perceive education differently from the traditional classroom set-up. Online education has had a great impact on the education system. Gone are the days when you had to pay tons of money to obtain a degree and spend the rest of your life paying that education loan? Today, thanks to technology and the collaboration of various universities with education offering websites like Alison, Coursera, edx, Khan Academy we can learn what we want from the comforts of your home without having to pay a mind boggling sum of money. Studies have shown that there has been some surprisingly uncommon but positive impact of online education.
1. Help to enhance your skills for future jobs: Wikipedia has a tremendous contribution in online education. Thanks to it and other sources of information in the net, today we can challenge the 19th century paradigm of education. Research had shown that in the present age of globalization on an average a person will have 5 to 6 different jobs and in some cases multiple careers too. So going to university and paying a large amount of money is not going to help you because a piece of paper doesn’t mean you have all the skills you’ll need in your future career. Thus, soon we will see that going to an Ivy League school like Harvard will no longer make one the envy of everyone's eyes. You do not learn skills in an educational institution. Granted, you will get credentials but will that help you in the modern world where everything is based on doing things in practice? The internet culture has opened its doors to everyone in the world irrespective of their background and made education a level playing field which earlier wasn't possible in the rigid structure of having to attend a classroom. Learning online could give you a skill you can apply to the job you already have.
2.Personalised Learning: Studies have shown that more and more children are preferring online learning because here they have a sense of control regarding their education, they can focus more on the areas that they think they are weak in and also the fact that they get to work at their own pace is an added bonus. The same goes for the adults; many are working professionals and some even have to manage two jobs at the same time. For these kinds of people, time is a huge factor and the traditional mode of teaching isn't compatible for them. Also, people who work full-time can learn online at their own pace and customize the courses as per their study habits.
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3. Collaborative learning fused with integration of technology: For those who are wondering how students collaborate with each other in this scenario, let me tell you that technology has managed to bridge that gap years back. There are ample numbers of applications like Skype, Facebook, and Gmail where students can get in touch with each other, interact and work on the assignments together. One can even create groups in all the said applications and post projects, notes, additional resources, etc. In fact, many online courses encourage collaborative learning as students in many courses are across the globe. Sometimes students may fall sick and thus due to their incapability to go to school, they miss out on important lectures. But now they can easily check out the videos of their teachers lecturing on the subjects and grasp the matter at their own pace and time. This kind of structure also allows all those first time/amateur teachers who are looking for opportunities to hone their skills. With the right attitude, discipline and motivation students can revolutionize education and make online education the next, big thing.
Learning a new skill online, taught by someone on the other side of the planet could help you develop another vital skill - international communications. Skills like this would be really appreciated at the modern workplace.
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Andy Bell is an everyday learner and editor, working at Tutoring help. He is passionate about helping online learning businesses to achieve their goals. He loves tutoring & his favorite subjects are math and English, but he has also taken honors classes in science and history. Outside the classroom, he enjoys tennis and is an active member of the Rancho Crandon Park.


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