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October 12, 2016

8 Easy Ways For Students To Beat The Stress

 Easy Ways For Students To Beat The Stress

We, as the working professionals, sitting in the cozy chairs, enjoying funny youtube videos, earning a hefty 6 digit salary along with the usual burden of official work, always imagine rebooting our school and college lives. On the other hand, students who, we think have a great life are fed up of their stress of being student.

For them, coping with the daily assignments, exam preparations, completing lengthy syllabus is a cumbersome task. This generation with a very meager slot of responsibility experiences the most stress. They juggle with their part time jobs with university, vexed about the assignments, stressed about future etc…

For such students, here we have some amazing tips that can startlingly aid them to beat the stress.

1. Make Music Your Mate
When you’re stressed, there is no better remedy than listening music. Regardless of what genre of music you prefer, be it a classical, rock, jazz etc, music indeed creates a productivity environment & at least for some hours (till earplugs are in) reduces your stress and boost your brain power.  
2. Diet & Exercise
What you eat is what you look and also, what you behave. Yes, healthy food makes you healthy. And besides, regular exercise helps you to lower down your stress level. Whether it is a morning walk, half an hour in a gym, meditation or anything else, just do it on a regular basis.
3. Take breaks
You are a human, not machine, in fact, machine too needs rest after regular intervals. So don’t turn yourself into a busy-bee. Even if it’s an exam time on head, give yourself a break. Chill out, move to a park, or do something that relaxes you.

4. Proper Sleep
A comfortable sleep is the remedy for all your stress. And when we say sleep, it’s all about peaceful sleep not those quick 10 minutes of naps. Free up at least half an hour from your social media interactions, emails, whatsapp messages etc and sleep with great peace and comfort.
5. Laughter therapy
Laughter is the best medicine for most of your stress. Loud laughter increases the oxygen and blood flow in your body that automatically reduces the stress.
6. Try to see at positive sides
Life always teaches you lesson. So whenever you are failed to something, don’t let it discourage you, instead, learn from your mistakes. Be honest, analyze the situation and see where you actually lacked. Then rework on your loopholes, soon you will be a champ for sure.
7. Spend time with kids
If you have kids at home, you have everything to beat the stress. Being around kids give you a joyous feeling and you get love without commitment. Yes, you will.
8. Quit Smoking
A most of people think that smoking works to lessen the stress level but as per the research, nicotine in cigarettes actually suppresses the serotonin which fights to combat the stress. So you have one more reason to quit.

Author’s Bio – John William works as an online Tutor and loves to write about Teaching Lessons,Assignment help and solving student problems.


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