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December 30, 2016

10 steps to more confidence at work

steps to more confidence at work

Today success in the professional world is governed by competence and confidence. Lack of either of the two qualities may not take you far. We have often seen leader suffering from confidence and hence they are not able to present themselves. Well, whereas competence is something that you gain by learning and upgrading your skills but confidence is inherent and has to be developed. Developing trust is not like having a pill which you can eat, and it will start showing an effect in the time to come, rather it’s a process wherein you need to take one step at a time to achieve what you want.
Here we have enlisted a 10 step mantra that will help you gain confidence at work:

  1. Accepting that you lack confidence – The major issue that we face is a lack of acceptance. Many people to not admit that they lack confidence, well, here I will quote a few examples which will show that you lack confidence, firstly if you are not able to actively become a part of an on-going conversation, you are always a silent listener, you are not a self-starter, fear of public speaking and presentation, etc. If you face any of these issues, you lack confidence. So, the first thing you need to do is accept that you have a problem and face it.
  2. Work on it – Once you know the problem, the second step is to work on it. For example, if you fear that you will flub a presentation, try to practice in front of your friend, if you fear public speaking, try to speak in front of the mirror and see your posture, your body language, you can also record your presentation and see which the areas you are missing. Moreover, you must understand that even confident people are imperfect so if you have some imperfections that are completely okay.
  3. Break the cocoon – Always living inside a shell will not help you build your confidence, you need to break it and come out of your comfort zone to gain confidence at work. Participate in a project or public activity.
  4. Create your world - If you have recently started working in a new place or find that the workplace atmosphere is not as per you; you don’t always have to push yourself to be a part of it, rather try to reshape it with your skills and persona. This will not only help you gain laurels but at the same time, it will help you boost your level of confidence.
  5. Know that the situation and people are not always threatening – often people lose confidence when they fear situation or people. Face it and remember, it's just a matter of time and you need to cope with it.
  6. Cut-off from the negative talks - Do not get involved in the negative conversation or with negative people, they adversely affect your thinking and eventually make you weak.
  7. Upskill yourself- The best way to gain confidence is gain knowledge. You should work on it and try to learn more about your profession develop skills related to it and speak about it.
  8. Work on improving our areas of strength – Many studies have shown that a great way to build confidence is growing on the rear of strengths rather cribbing on your weakness. If you have a high skill, learn to develop it and present it in front of people.
  9. Focus - Lack of focus also affects your level of confidence, if you know what you want to achieve don’t get deflected by circumstances and small failures rather strive passionately to make what you want.
  10. Embrace change – Change is the only constant thing in life, one who does not molds himself/herself as per the situation, is usually in a mess and hence, make sure that you always welcome the change around you.
Author Bio: My name is Sohail. I'm a blogger and a staff writer at My hobbies include writing, reading books, traveling and gardening.


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